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Way2Go CLT changing how people move…quickly!

Sustain Charlotte’s mobility initiative is off to a fast start with almost 30,000 single-occupancy vehicle miles avoided in just the first three weeks and numerous teams pumped up and leading the way.

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Needed: a new leisure-travel architecture for the Queen City

Exhibit 1: 60% of Charlotte tourism is business, 20% sports-related, 20% vacation. Exhibit 2: CLT does not appear on any top-leisure-destination list, but Asheville, Nashville, Charleston, Atlanta and Savannah show up on a lot of them. Verdict: this is one enormous opportunity! For business and sustainability.

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Getting ready for the Next Million: Charlotte is born anew

There is Austin. There is Seattle. There is Denver. And now there is Charlotte. It is America’s new hot spot and darling city. The place to be. The new #1. The only such city in the South. The challenge now: to stay on top and grow the lead. Here are some ideas on how to pull it off.

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Integra inaugural: a meeting of the minds

As we looked out at the crowd gathered, we realized this otherwise simple office inaugural had become a moment to treasure.

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Charlotte’s green path forward

Sustainability has become a default planning mode for cities across the world, one that design firms like Integra do well to integrate into our vision and strategy. In our first Better Way Podcast, Charlotte Sustainability Director Rob Phocas shares how the Queen City is making it happen.

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