The Roosevelt Roads Naval Base Redevelopment Plan was conceived on the premise that users can live, work, & play within the same district, having access to a variety of amenities which allow them to have a rich & rewarding life experience. Looking at the necessities of Amazon, and the philosophy that has driven the company to establish its campus within Seattle, the envisioned Master Plan provides multiple opportunities to create a unique new campus for HQ2. Multiple lots within the property are suited for the new facilities, including vibrant waterfront promenades, structured urban multi-use corridors, and lush hills with amazing views; each area with unique features that are desirable to place one or many of the structures required for the new headquarters.

The design proposal starts with a strong and defined concept, providing an organizational scheme which radically departs from the spatial experience that ‘amazonians’ have in the present HQ locations and other similar cities around the continental US. To depart from the generic flat ‘urbanscape’ and grid based street layouts, the design is strongly connected to the site contours and slopes to create a unique design which is directly related to the natural configuration of the topography. A series of terraced buildings, which are interconnected, provide multiple interior and exterior experiences which allow employees and visitors to enjoy the work environment at multiple levels, while experiencing the panoramic views of the bay and the Roosevelt Roads district.

Although the design is conceptual in nature, some of the depicted spaces are developed to present lively exterior promenades, parks, vegetated roofs, and plazas, which are intended to provide multiple areas of relaxation, collaboration, and interaction in a campus closely knitted with the urban experience that Amazon promotes. In the same spirit, the conceptual office buildings are interconnected to provide convenient access for the employees, allowing traversing the whole campus through the structures in order to reach the top of the hill. A daring and liberally shaped structure, cantilevered over and overviewing the whole site, is conceived as the main Meeting hall and Exhibition Center.

This structure, in conjunction with what could be the main HQ2 building, sits at the top of the hill in the highest point of Roosevelt Roads and benefits from the best views of the property.

Project Details

Location :

Ceiba, PR

Project Type :

Master Planning (RFP)