Aruba Green Corridor

Aruba Green Corridor

Project Description

The Project “Green Corridor” is comprised of all public projects, supplies and services arising from the Design, Build, Finance and Maintain Agreement. The Project encompasses the design, construction, financing and maintenance of the “Green Corridor” route. Integra participates in this Project in collaboration with Odinsa, SA.

In essence, the project relates to the expansion of the capacity of the existing main road from the Reina Beatrix Airport to the roundabout of Pos Chiquito from a single carriageway (1×2) to a dual carriageway (2×2) over a distance of approximately 8km. In total, this relates to an expansion of the existing roads over a length of approximately 5km and the renovation of the existing roads over a length of approximately 23 km. The intention is that the Green Corridor project, as indicated by the name, shall be based on a “green” approach. This is a sustainable project that protects and conserves nature and the environment. Also, a cycle track is laid out along the route, which is accompanied by the associated sustainable lighting and natural vegetation.

Integra’s role in the Project includes:

  • Master planning for the Green Corridor
  • Civil infrastructure design, including highway transportation, environmental, hydraulic, electrical and earthwork
  • Architectural and Structural Engineering Design
  • Project Manager

Project Details

  • Location: Oranjestad, Aruba
  • Project Type: Infrastructure Design and Master Planning
  • Construction Cost: US $124,000,000
  • Construction Date: Not Started

Tags: Civil Engineering, Master Planning

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