Bayamón Elderly was commissioned to Integra by Esperanza para la Vejez Office with HUD funding estimated at $7 million to develop a dwelling project with 70 units, medical services office, administration office, cafeteria and a community center. The scope of the services Integra performed in this Project included schematic design, design development, construction documents, permits procurement and construction observation. In this Project Integra’s involvement as a designer and project manager allowed delivering the requests of Esperanza para la Vejez concerning the Project. Located in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, the Project emphasizes in the comfort of its occupants by providing dwelling units in full compliance with the standards established by ADA and by design standards for developing housing for the elderly. The materials and design itself were selected considering the Project’s budget target while providing both aesthetic and practicality to the building. Integra assisted in the bidding process by recommending an award to the offer that most satisfied the Project’s requirements. Currently under pre-construction phase, Integra is collaborating in managing and maintaining communications with all aspects involved in the construction of this Project

Project Details

Location :

Bayamón, Puerto Rico

Project Type :

Elderly Housing