Guaynabo Mixed Use Development

The Municipality of Guaynabo is proposing the development of “Guaynabo Mixed Use Development”, a new project addressing the elderly, on the former Los Alamos public housing. Divided into eight principal lots, this project contains a variety of uses concerning the well being , recreation and essential amenities for every stage of elderlyhood in an accessible and inclusive way for every user. The project consists of:

-Hotel (100 beds capacity).

-Rehabilitation Center (75 person capacity).

-Multi-story Parking, Commercial Spaces and Integrated Medical Services Offices.

-Nursing Home (90 rooms capacity).

-Commercial Space. -Elderly Assisted Living (60 rooms capacity).

-Rent-to-Own Apartments (150 unit capacity).

-Elderly Independent Living Apartments (100 unit capacity). All these programs will be located within a Pedestrian

-Friendly Urban Complex that will include two principal ‘Boulevard-type’ Avenues to connect perpendicularly with a Main Roundabout and end up at two other secondary roundabouts. The rest of the vehicular circulation will be by secondary streets with two-way lanes, and each program will hold its own parking space. More than helping out with the vehicular circulation distribution, Roundabouts will be accessible by pedestrians and will work as gathering spaces, that, with ample sidewalks, vast vegetation strips and commercial spaces throughout the ground level, will help stimulate a constant pedestrian circulation. The complex will also include a Pedestrian Pathway with an approximate length of 700 lineal meters, that begins in the Northeast side of the Project, running parallel to a water creek, then borders all the South side of the Project and concludes in the East. The Project will also include a Main Plaza and Secondary Plaza, located in between buildings with various active and passive spaces and recreational programs focused mainly on the elderly.

Project Details

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Master Planning