Guaybabo Residence

Guaynabo Residence

Project Description

The project consists of the construction of a new residence for a client and his family. The Client requested Integra Design Group (INTEGRA) design services and permits. It has about 10,775 square feet of construction. Spaces are distributed on two floors and a semi – underground level. The design of the residence meets the space needs of the family and the topography of the site. Among the new spaces provided living room, 4 bedrooms, 6.5 baths , library, service apartment, laundry area, carport for 3 cars, and game room among others. The structure was gradually phased in to meet the conditions of the existing terrain and minimize the visual impact on the site.

In overall, the design creates a structure in harmony with the rustic character of the area and of least possible impact to existing vegetation on the site. The project provides the necessary mitigation and as much vegetation will be retained on-site, in order to keep the green character of the place. The project also contemplates green roofs and passive technologies to minimize the impact on the environment and in make a visual contribution to the sector. Simultaneously, it reduces dependence on external services and reduces the consumption of natural resources.

Project Details

Location: Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Project Type: Private House
Cost: US $2,500,000
Construction Date: 2014

Tags: Full A/E

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