Located in the heart of the financial district of San Juan, the Integrated Services Centre is conceived as a space where visitors can make various government transactions, without having to visit more than one place. Through technology, electronic services, and the integration of the web pages of different government agencies, this space acts as a base where they can provide service to the citizens in an expeditious and comprehensive manner. The design was worked so the ambience is casual, diaphanous, and one that allows the simultaneous interaction between public servants from different agencies and citizens. The assigned space previously acted as a bank branch and it was modified so that those elements which could serve the new facility and help maintain the assigned budget where make the most of. The project was designed and built with a limited budget and in record time of two months, including the planning and execution of the program. The services provided by Integra to AFI were:

1. Development of program areas and coordination among government agencies.

2. Execution of construction documents and presentation material.

3. Coordination of bidding and construction supervision

Project Details

Location :

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Project Type :

Institutional / InteriorRenovation