New Cayetano Coll y Toste School of Arecibo

  • Cayetano Coll y Toste School in Arecibo

  • Escuela Cayetano Coll y Toste

    Design Build project by Aireko and Integra Design Group

New Cayetano Coll & Toste School of Arecibo

Project Description

The Project consisted of the design-build, construction supervision and LEED® Certification Team Management of a 125,000 square feet LEED® Gold Certified K-9 public school. The design consists of a three-story concrete and steel building with pre-cast facades and the conservation of a historic building. The first level contains all spaces that are common to the elementary and the middle school students. The second level is dedicated primarily to the elementary school and contains most of the learning studios required for this portion of the school. In addition this level contains collaboration spaces next to the student’s cooperative, a display area, and physical education classrooms which are overlooking the basketball court below and can be opened to the exterior. Finally the third level is dedicated exclusively to the middle school. All the laboratories, learning studios, and collaboration spaces dedicated to this age group are included in this level. Other features of the School are a vegetated roof on the third level, multiuse court, amphitheater and an interior courtyard at the first level. The cafeteria, multiuse court and amphitheater are intended to be shared with the surrounding community.

Project Details

Location: Arecibo, Puerto Rico
Project Type: Design-build a K-9 public school
Cost: US $15,000,000
Construction Date: 2014
Certification: USGBC, LEED® Gold Certified, 2014 (First LEED® Gold Certified School in Puerto Rico)

Tags: Design-Build, Full A/E

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