Puente Blanco Community Improvements

Inspection and Management Rehabilitation: Puente Blanco Community Improvements

Project Description

The project consisted of management and inspection services for construction improvements to various housing units, construction of new housing and infrastructure necessary to meet the needs of the Puente Blanco Community due to the impacts of a gas explosion that caused the deterioration of more than 300 structures.

Integra’s role in the Project includes:

  • ● Construction Management and inspection of the demolition, rehabilitation and / or reconstruction residential structures in the community
  • ● Review and approval of payment certificates
  • ● Review of progress reports
  • ● Provide technical support in relation to construction management, purchasing materials, improvements to be made, etc.
  • ● Inventory control of construction materials.
  • ● Make and keep a full and dated shop drawings, and other schedules remissions lists.
  • ● Supervise field testing of materials and equipment installed.

Project Details

    Location: Cataño, Puerto Rico
    Project Type: Construction Management
    Date: 2009

Tags: Construction Administration

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