Salinas I – 10MW Photovoltaic Power Station

Salinas I – 10MW Photovoltaic Power Station

Project Description

The Project consists of the development of a 10MW Photovoltaic Panels Solar Park and a 38kV Switchyard to provide an alternative energy production facility for the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPAR) power grid.

The project is being developed by Yarotek PR, LLC in a 140 acres parcel and will consist of two phases. During the first phase, 10 megawatts of power will be installed. During the second phase the project will entail the installation of 16 inverters along with a substation and transmission line. This system will serve the population of the south region of Puerto Rico with a renewable energy source.

The tasks that were performed included:

  • Review of plans and specifications for compliance with local constructions codes
  • Technical recommendations and calculations review regarding civil and structural components
  • Preparation of consolidated permits for construction

Project Details

Location: Aguirre Ward, Salinas, Puerto Rico
Project Type: Photovoltaic Power Infrastructure
Cost: US $30,000,000
Construction Date: 2013

Tags: Civil Engineering

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