Special Communities: Government Pilot Program

Monitoring Projects and Funds Transfer: Special Communities (low-income) Government Pilot Programl

Project Description

This project consisted of monitoring and authorizing fund transferences of projects in twenty five (25) Municipalities for Special Communities (low income families) Government Pilot Program. Integra provided project, construction and inspection management support for the projects under the agreements between the Department of Housing, Special Communities Trust and the municipal governments. Integra also oversaw the availability and management of the financial resources assigned for these projects. The projects consisted in the construction and/or rehabilitation of infrastructure, dwelling units and land acquisition for various communities under the Special Communities Program.

Some of the performed tasks include:

  • ● Supervision of the demolition, construction and/or rehabilitation of structures.
  • ● Review and approval of payment certifications and transferred funds between the Department of housing and the municipal governments.
  • ● Review of the progress reports submitted by the municipal governments and prepare recommendations for the Special Communities Trust.
  • ● Provide technical support related to construction management and allocation of economical funds.
  • ● Participate in the bidding process for construction of the projects.

Project Details

    Location: Puerto Rico (Various Municipalities)
    Project Type: Project, Construction and Inspection Management
    Contract Cost: US $1,560,000.00
    Projects Completed During Intervention: 70
    Date: 2009

Tags: Construction Administration

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