Water Treatment Plant Rodrigo Montañez

Inspection of the Improvements of the Sludge Treatment System: Water Treatment Plant Rodrigo Montañez

Project Description

The project involved the inspection and supervision of construction of a system of storm water treatment in Sector Rodrigo Montañez in Río Grande, Puerto Rico. The system required acess sidewalks, two steel building for geotubes and sludge storage, new control system for vacuum assisted drying beds, electromagnetic flowmeter installation, vent and filtrate valves and level sensors, installation of equipment for the treatment of water and pipes to connect to the existing system.

Among the tasks performed include the following:

  • ● Construction Inspection (resident inspection)
  • ● Approval of purchase of materials and equipment
  • ● Documentation related to payment certificates
  • ● Clarifications related to the design
  • ● Administrative and coordination with the client and contractor meetings

Project Details

Location: Río Grande, Puerto Rico
Project Type: Construction Inspection
Construction Cost: US $1,224,057
Construction Date: 2014

Tags: Construction Administration

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